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Shed Insulation Dublin

Spray foam insulation insulates sheds by providing energy efficiency, moisture control, air sealing, durability, and versatility in a single application.

Insulate Your Shed

Insulating a shed may seem like a pretty abstract idea. You may be asking yourself, Why would anyone want or need to insulate their shed?”

First of all, lets briefly describe what spray foam insulation is.

Spray foam insulation is two liquids, which when combined at the tip of a spray gun, form a spray which doubles in size once it hits some sort of material (a wall, floor or ceiling). This foam gets into every nook and gap offering superb insulating, moisture infiltration and draft proofing qualities.

Shed Insulation On Galvanized Sheets

Spray foam insulation is by far the best material for insulating sheds it is the preferred insulation material for any metal structure in the US and in the the EU.

Sheds, be they of wooden construction or metal, can be extremely cold and damp during the winter months, or swelteringly hot and humid in the summer.

Condensation can build up on the ceilings and drip down onto the contents of the shed.

Shed Insulation Closed Cell Foam

Closed cell spray foam is applied directly to the walls, ceiling or underfloor. It forms an airtight, insulating barrier from the external environment.

It completely halts the ingress of damp and the formation of condensation. During the summer, it will keep the interior of the shed at a pretty stable ambient temperature.

Another concern is that the moist damp air will quickly rust any metal tools, saws, bicycle parts and chains. The damp in an un-insulated shed can also cause wooden furniture to warp, buckle and split.

Save up to 50% on energy bills with the right foaming insulation

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